You’re invited…

to escape to the mountains and enjoy a weekend full of nourishment for your mind, body, and spirit.

Come home to your true self by connecting with like-minded individuals, practicing yoga, and getting back to nature in Golden, British Colombia.

June 7-10th, 2019


Where is Under the Peaks happening?

Retreat Venue: The Columbia Wetlands Out-Post

Drive Time: 6hrs

Restore, explore, and practice with Karling Dallyn in the unique ecosystem of the Columbia Wetlands. The retreat venue is located just past Golden, B.C nestled between the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges. Come prepared for fresh air mountain air, cool June evenings, and

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein


What’s included?




The retreat includes 3 nights in either the stunning Out-Post Lodge or Tipi Tents! All retreaters will be able to spend time in the common spaces of the luxury home and use indoor washrooms.

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Your retreat includes all eight of your meals, snacks, dessert, and beverages.

The retreat food is fresh, healthy, and vegetarian. Designed to keep you satiated, but feeling light in your practice.

Breakfast will be done “Breakfast Bar” style with everything you need to create your perfect pre-yoga breakfast bowl. Coffee and tea will also be served! Breakfast will be open from 8-10am for those who choose to sleep in or fast.

Meal examples,

Lunch: butternut squash soup served with stuffed peppers, goat cheese and spring green

Dinner: cauliflower quiche with cucumber, mint, & dill salad

Good tea is essential for any yoga retreat! A delicious arrangement will be throughout the weekend. Pro tip: Bring a travel mug!

*Gluten-free + Vegan meal options available for those who request in advance.



A weekend full of yoga! It feels amazing to practice multiple times a day. Choose to attend up to 4 yoga/meditation classes a day! All levels of experience welcome!

Read more about what to expect from the yoga here!


Under the Peaks is designed to offer an awesome experience for all. Introverts, extroverts, home-bodies, adventurers- you name it!

Whether you’re looking for a weekend of serenity, or to make new friends- we’ve got you covered!

Dock-walks, paddle boarding, hiking, board games, lawn games, etc. Check out what’s planned here!


Retreat Schedule


Arrive Friday evening for a casual BBQ, an opening circle, some post road trip yin, and a campfire to kickoff the weekend!

Saturday + Sunday

8:30-8:50 Morning Meditation + Journaling

8-10 Silent Breakfast Bar Open

10-1030 Morning Yoga Practice

12 Lunch

1-4 Free Time / Paddling / Hiking / Dock Walk

4 Yoga Workshop

6 Dinner

730 Yin/Restorative Yoga Practice

845-11 Free Time / Campfire / Board Games


We’ll send you off with a good morning meditation, stretch, and breakfast.

Why go on retreat?

The following quote from teacher Sarah Powers perfectly describes the WHY of going on a yoga retreat.

In removing ourselves from our familiar surroundings and busy schedules, retreats afford us the opportunity to see accumulated habits of distraction and begin to soften them. In removing everything we do that is not supportive of living with freshness and wakefulness, practice retreats realign us with our deepest values, helping us discover ways to upgrade how we live our lives on a daily basis. Many of our unskillful choices stem from unconscious patterns of unaware living, shielding us from the inherent simple joy in ordinary moments. On retreats we have the opportunity to slow down our days and see ourselves and everything more clearly. We often uncover not only what habits are destructive and learn how to work skillfully with them, but are also encouraged to attend to that which is pulsing softly within us, under all the noise or numbness. Sufis call this primordial aspect our Hidden Essence, Taoists call it the tranquility at the center of all storms, the Tao, Hindus say the Self or Brahman, Buddhists refer to this as our Buddha nature, while others say inner spirit or God. Skillful dedication to a yogic path of awareness uncovers this intrinsic inner dimension, teaching us about the suffering inherent in our perceived (not actual) disconnection from wholeness. In inner silence and increased stillness, we often glimpse and learn to sustain a truth larger than our self-definitions allow.

The Yogic path is a gradual process involving self-investigation and skillful means. Daily practice helps us become aware of the habits which perpetuate our inner rigidity or chaos, while longer retreats, which emphasize meditation, loving-friendliness, social silence, and continual mindfulness throughout the day teach us how to sustain a simple and kind presence. Removed from our daily activities and responsibilities, we learn to interrupt the habits of our conditioned patterns through compassionate attention, freeing us to live from a larger truth, an authentic clarity of being.


Retreat Intention

“I am excited to hold space for this group of people, who are committing to a weekend of getting to know themselves a little bit better. I want the participants to enjoy their time in nature, to dive deep into their yoga practice, and to feel the warmth of true human connection.

I hope we take this time to disconnect from technology and the routine stresses of our daily lives. I hope we all try to really to drop in and absorb the healing radiance that these natural surroundings offer.

At Under the Peaks, I want you to come back home to your centre. I want you to feel your true nature become more alive. And on this weekend retreat, I really hope we get a reminder of how beautiful it is to live from the heart space.”

-Karling Dallyn